Rogue thinking, rapid brand strategy, award-winning storytelling, and real growth.

Hello. I'm Gellan Watt.

Most brands face a big problem: They are one of many companies making similar things, or offering similar services, at roughly the same price, for the same set of customers.

I solve this problem by reimagining the way brands, products and services are conceived, created, communicated, differentiated, transformed, and grown with award-winning big ideas and strategy. And I do it for Brand Leaders, Challengers, and Startups worldwide.

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What I do

What I do.

I get new or reimagined brands, and their stories, into market faster and better, with Rapid Brand Prototyping and Rapid Creative Strategy.


Proposition Development
Reboot + Revival
Startup Toolkits
Brand Prototyping + Testing
Naming, Identity Design + Guardian
‘What Next’ Strategy
Analysis + Scoring


Rapid Brand Strategy
Business Models
Growth Marketing and GTM
Repositioning + Extension
Business Case + Forecasting
HAX® Growth Programmes
Super-Rapid Implementation

Creative Direction + Innovation.

Award-winning Bid Ideas
Campaign Creative + Ideation
Global + Local Platforming
Message Prototyping + Testing
Content Strategy + Production
Product + Service Innovation


Turnaround Strategy
Agency Growth Advisory
Agency M&A Advice
VC Deal Diligence + Analysis


Monthly Mentoring + Coaching
Keynote Speaking
Columnist + Contributor
Awards Judge
Mental Health Consulting
Expert Witness

My Story

My Story.

Do great work.

I am an award-winning global brand strategist + marketer, creative director, and agency founder (post-exit) simplifying branding, advertising, growth, and value creation.

I help brands out-think their competition, rethink themselves, and unthink perceived norms.

With absolutely no BS.

I have developed an approach I call Rogue Thinking. Bringing together data, insight, and logic, combined with sideways thinking, uncommon sense, and big ideas.

And I promise Rapid Outcomes.

In 2003, I founded a creative agency that became (RAR + Drum) Top Ten Agency and Marketing Industry UK Agency of The Year.

I merged that business with the Emerge Group, as Group MD and Chief Creative Officer. My partners and I grew to the 12th largest independent group in the UK (c. £60m turnover, 400FTE) exiting in 2016.

Along the way, I have collected some interesting accolades including Marketing Industry Managing Director of the Year, Media’s Top 15 Power Faces, Marketing Power 100, and numerous creative awards.

My clients are leading Brands, Challengers, and Startups and have included: Caterpillar, John Lewis, Apple, Barbour, Marshall, Mizuno, Heineken, Jaja, Wyke Farms, David Beckham, Ovo, uSwitch, Allison Transmission, Amdocs, British Banking Association, Westfield,, leading Property, Fintech and Pharma brands, and many more.

I am eternally optimistic, I love a challenge, and I have a simple philosophy, do great work.

My Approach


In a world of "Similar people, doing similar things, making similar products and services, at similar prices" standing out is more important than ever.

Do great work. It’s my mantra.

In our world of brand surplus, most companies waste resources competing for incremental gains. They lose step with category leaders and disruptors - spending more on the things that they have ’traditionally done’, seeing diminishing returns.

The brand weakens. Uncertainty impacts decision making, innovation, and investment. Full of hope, disruptive startups find it easy to differentiate early. But most eventually fall into the same ‘surplus’ trap, but they have access to cash which masks the problem, for a time.

Eventually, they face three distinct choices:

1. Spend more:
An expensive and short term fix, and a hard habit to break.
2. Reduce quality or price:
Supporting short term gains, but speeding up failure.
3. (Re)imagine the brand:
Listening, differentiating, refocusing, transforming, and creating real value.

I do number 3 for Startups, Challengers, and Category Leaders. Fast.

I believe that most brands not maximising their potential. By a long way. Digital is utterly traditional. Every touchpoint is an experience and an opportunity to wow. Big ideas can change the future of a brand. And relentless simplification is the key to success.

And if you’re going to spend time doing anything, do it great.

Only GREAT works.

Some of my awards


I’m very lucky to have created and led some incredibly talented teams. Here’s some of my award highlights:

Top 100 Global Growth Hackers

UK Marketing Industry Managing Director of the Year

Top 15 Media Industry Power Faces

12th in the UK Marketing Power 100

Over 150 Creative and Industry Awards

Top 10 UK Agency Elite

UK Agency of the Year

DBA Creative Business of the Year

Top 5 Wirehive Digital Agency 100

UK’s Most Effective Agency

UK’s Best in Advertising

UK’s Best in Creative

UK’s Best in Strategy

UK’s Best in Digital Strategy

Some brands I’ve worked with

Brand experience.

Experience in Finance/Fintech, Technology, FMCG, Travel, Pharma, Automotive, Utilities, Property, Luxury, Entertainment, Sport, Celebrity, Fashion, Publishing, Retail, Telecoms, Startups, Turnarounds, Zombie Brands, Reboots and beyond.

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