Chaos vs. Process.

Published 05.02.2013

To understand how to run an agency business, how to grow one, or if you’re already doing it and you want a reminder about what’s important, please have a read of these, my bibles…

– The Orange Book.

– The Red Book.

– The Blue Book.

– The White Book 1.

– The White Book 2.

– The Black Book (well it used to be black).

All of them creative agency gold. And if you want to have fun at an agency’s expense…

– E

And if if you want to read an agency’s finest new business exercise and most sickening read try this… so much of it is right, but I find it such a wanky read.

– Blurgh

And if you haven’t read this and memorised most of this, then get reading:

– The History Book.