HAX® High Growth Programme for Brands and Agencies.

Published 07.05.2017

After years working with, founding and growing building successful brands and agencies I have developed my own modular ‘High Growth’ Programme.

It’s called HAX®.

It’s a lean, highly structured proven process, that identifies growth opportunities, embeds transformational strategy, creates value, develops clearly differentiated positioning, takes teams on the journey and cuts through traditional lengthy consultancy practices. And typical consultancy bullshit.

HAX® is delivered through a number of fast-moving modular workshops, one-on-one consultancy, engagement and coaching of teams, experience design and ongoing support – designed around you.

For brands the main focus is on Experience Design, Product and Service Design, Business Models, Brand Story and Purpose, Brand Positioning and Proposition, Customer Acquisition Strategy, Brand Extensions and Culture.

For agencies I focus on Agency Models, Positioning and Brand, Fame, Product and Service Design, Culture and Pricing – all with a lens on profitability, sustainable growth and creating growth plans that work for your agency and your people. Templated systems don’t work for everyone. I want to protect, amplify and celebrate what makes you… you.

If you’d like to know more, email hello@gellanwatt.co.uk.