Take the bus.

Published 19.03.2013

I remember when I started Thinking Juice. I will be ten years, this year. I was  27. It was a good year.

Running your own business isn’t for every creative. Or planner. Or suit for that matter. It’s a lonely business, even when you’re operating as part of a crowd.

At the same time I started TJ, I remember other friends launching agencies. They had shiny floors. Amazing cars. Glass walls. Laser cut signage. They had all the things I wanted to have. They made noise. They banged their drum.

I had a back bedroom. A shit car. Some amazing encouragement. And a belief that doing things slowly, building a business out of cash-flow, and doing the right thing was good enough. And when I had to go an see my first potential client (I started the agency with none) I didn’t fly, because it was too expensive.

I wish I had.

The potential client was in Glasgow. But, I took the bus. Because it was half the price of flying.

I won’t pretend it felt good.In fact it was crap. The bus broke down. Twice. Their was a big fight. And a family that had gastric flu. And I watched the gastric flu, as it flew. The whole experience was a twelve hour horror.

But, I learned some important lessons that night.

First of all, I hate coach trips to Glasgow. Second of all, do things the right way. If you’re starting an agency, start slowly. Work from cash. Stay away from banks if you can. It keeps your life simple.

Most all, stick to your principles. Do things your way. They may not be the norm. They may jar with some. But at least you can believe in them.

Believe in your direction. You’ll learn early on whether yours is the right way, or not.

And a good measure of whether your right or not, is whether you’re still on a bus ten years later. If you’re right about what you believe in, you probably won’t be.