The brief is the floor. Not the ceiling.

Published 15.09.2012

I know a hundred and one people that want to do great things, and get somewhere in the very tough business that is commercial creativity – be it advertising, brand, digital, social or integrated.

The only way, is to be brilliant at what you do. That every brief is answered brilliantly. Every interaction is a powerful one. That your work and thinking is compelling and insightful. That you’re full of enthusiasm and positivity. That you collaborate well and inspire others – challenging them to do better.

And importantly you can see issues and opportunities where others can’t.

Greatness doesn’t come from answering the brief. It comes from doing everything the brief asked. And some more. Without being asked. Work from the brief. Not to the brief. The brief is the floor. Not the ceiling.

Combine all of those things, and you have ‘amazing’.

And that is the secret for success. In today’s new world, mediocrity and a lack of passion is only thing that’s sure to hold you back. Conviction is key. As is consistency. It works for brands. Same for people.

Never be ordinary.