What. How. Why.

Published 12.03.2013

More thinking out loud.

Another great tool for communicating ideas is ‘What, How, Why’.

When creating a brief or position for a brand, the inspiring fact is rarely found in the ‘What’. Sometimes in the ‘How’. More often in the ‘Why’. That’s the ownable bit.

Much as it’s not so important to know WHAT your target audience does versus understanding WHY they do it, it’s the same with brands.

• WHAT… is something your entire competitive set are doing.
• HOW… is the way you do it.
• WHY… is the reason that drives you and what makes you exciting and unique.

I call it, the WHY of it.

All great brands have a WHY. All mediocre brands have a a HOW. All value led propositions stop at a WHAT.

There’s value in a WHY.