Posted by Gellan Watt on 23rd June 2014

Is it creativity’s most powerful word? It’s most powerful tool is surely relevancy, but why is a word that can open doors, minds, hearts and truths.

Why does one consumer do one thing, and another does something else? Why does this brand do what it does every day – (forget what it does and how it does it when looking for a brand positioning – it’s the why that counts)? Why do you do what you do? Why does ‘this’ happen, when I do ‘that’?

It’s a much unused word that gets forgotten in today’s ‘does it look cool’ world. Remember, when you know the reasons ‘why’ for a brand and an audience, it gives a brand and an agency a clarity and understanding that acts as the perfect footing for POWERFUL, EFFECTIVE and RELEVANT work.

Tags: Brand Strategy, Growing your brand, Power of a why


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